The 2024 Author's Planner

I also have several other planners available, including the 2024 Limited Editions, The Ultimate Authorship Planner (the non-dated version of the yearly Author's Planner), The Essential Book Launch Planner, the Quarterly Author Growth Planner, and the Monthly Writing Focus Planners.

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What indie authors are saying about the Author's Planner:

If you're new to me and my work, here's why I created these planners...

As a working mom, I often struggled to find "enough time" to write and make progress toward my creative goals.

I thought, "With my schedule, it's going to take me decades to publish." 😩

I was working 90 hours every two weeks, with 56-60 commuting hours in those same two weeks. I quickly became frustrated, watching my pals finish their manuscripts and publish their latest titles.

And so I got my problem-solving brain to work and began sketching up schedules. 

I used spreadsheets to track exactly where my time was going. 

Then, I took some serious time (during my commute) to get crystal clear on my goals and what I wanted from my writing.

I tried so many planners in those days, but they all fell flat. 

They were too general, their spaces too small to write in, and their prompts too vague to have any real or lasting impact. 

And some planners, well, they were just too pretty, and I felt like I couldn't "scar" them with another "false start."

I was inspired by an entrepreneur's new planner, but it was so far outside my budget that I couldn't afford it before it sold out for the season. 

So I finally decided to create my own planner for writers like me.

The Author's Planner was born.

I created it from my own needs and desires to stay organized and not give up on my writing.

Two weeks into the initial creation phase with little sleep, little to eat, and rarely time with my family, my fingers flew across the keys and my mouse clicked away as I built the first iteration of my very own planner: The 2018 Author's Journal. 

The planner (as it's more accurately identified) has come a long way since then, but it's about your entire life and the myriad ways everything connects to and affects your creative endeavors.

This planner (from the beginning and through its various evolutions) has helped me conquer my educational goals (double- and triple-time classes for my BA and MA) and even spend more high-quality time with my family while still building my small business, undertaking freelance work, and building my fiction writing career.

This planner helps me manage all of my life and all the stages of the publishing cycle. 

  • - No more story ideas and project notes lost in myriad notebooks floating around my house...

  • - No more starting a planner only to quit after 3 weeks...

  • - No more keeping 3 or 4 separate planners to track the writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and the rest of my life separately...

I love pretty notebooks and planners, but I hate having too many intake systems to manage and organize (and protect from the kids 😂).

I needed efficiency, not redundancy, and I certainly didn't need any more work to do.

Now, I have a single comprehensive planner to organize the chaos and madness of writing, publishing, and living "the writer's life."

I took the leap and shared the planner, and, to my delight, it has helped so many other writers better live fulfilling lives, weigh their priorities, and ensure writing is a central part of their lives. I'm deeply moved by the messages I received and the stories I've been honored to hear in person at writing events.

This planner has helped so many people and exceeded what I imagined was possible.

This authorship planner is different from your typical planner:

This authorship planner is different from your typical planner because it:

  • - Guides you through refining your vision for your whole life with writing as a central pillar...

  • - Offers space to track progress toward your top priority manuscripts and explore why these projects are so important to you...

  • - Build your editing process and list of editors you enjoy working with...

  • - Track your submissions for contests, anthologies, journals, or agents...

  • - Record your income and expenses in a way that helps you more closely examine how well you're allocating your resources...

  • - Sketch out and refine a completely customizable 12-month marketing plan so you can focus on the tactics that work for your genre and your brand...

  • - Corral your story ideas into a single, easy-to-access spot inside your planner so you write them down while you're inspired without losing them later somewhere in piles of pretty notebooks...

  • - Applies coaching techniques to guide you through reviewing and planning weekly, monthly,  quarterly, and yearly...

  • - You will always feel like someone is holding your hand and sitting there with you, helping you define the next best steps to reach your goals...

  • - Allows you to define your core working hours and design a schedule that works for your life...

  • - Offers spaces to track habits, set your word count and editing goals, and note important tasks and dates.

  • - Provides dedicated space to define your daily top priority so you always know the one most important thing you need to do to move the needle forward each day...

  • - Includes a built-in system to review your progress, evolve your goals, and refine your vision as you move through the year.

What the planner looks like inside...

This video is from the 2022 Author's Planner, and the planner has gone through some core upgrades, but this still offers a reasonable demonstration of what you can expect from the 2024 edition. Check out this flip-through to get an idea of the size of the planner and how comprehensive it is. It really is meant to manage your writing, publishing, marketing, and business all in one system. 😊

2024 Limited Editions

I'm thrilled to announce that with the help of my team, we've created two Limited Edition planners for 2024. These covers will not be repeated in the future, and they will not be available for purchase after February 1, 2024.

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Standard Coil-Bound $50

The 2024 Author's Planner in fan favorite coil binding is designed to be your all-in-one day planner and writing-career coach, helping you organize your writing life and get on a clear path to reach your goals.

Are you ready to get organized in your writing life and empowered to reach your goals? Apply method to the madness of publishing with The 2024 Author's Planner.

Limited Editions $70

Turn heads when you walk into your 2024 writing group meet-ups and conferences with these eye-catching, coil-bound planners with fresh embellishments throughout.

These will be in the standard coil-binding.

If you wish for the premium upgrades with these limited edition covers, order the custom & personalized planner.

Custom Premium Planner $175

✅ You'll receive a personalized premium edition, coil-bound Author's Planner

✅ Select your cover style (pens or typewriter)

✅ Personalize with your name, ie "Katie's Author Planner"

✅ Customize: Choose the sections you want more of, and which sections you'd like excluded

✅ Your choice of dated or non-dated

✅ Premium printing features, including:

✔️ Heavier paper

✔️ Coil binding

✔️ More vibrant ink

✔️ Built-in tabs

If you prefer your 2024 Author's Planner in perfect (book) binding, then this is the option for you.

Digital 2024 Author's Planner $30

Are you looking for a lighter version of the planner?

It doesn't get lighter than the digital edition!

The digital 2024 Author's Planner comes complete with hyperlinked tabs for ease of navigation and is ready to use on apps such as GoodNotes.

Printable 2024 Author's Planner $20

If you prefer to print your planner locally, you'll be able to have it bound however you wish!

Many authors who select this option have their planner printed and 3-hole punched for use in a 3-ring binder, making it easy to add more of the pages you want and fewer of the pages you don't need.

The Ultimate Authorship Planner $45

Do you prefer non-dated planners?

This is the non-dated (and coil-bound) version of the Author's Planner, and you can order this instead, for yourself or for your friends.

The Essential Book Launch Planner $30

This comprehensive book launch planning guide is designed to help you conduct meaningful research, build better systems, and thoroughly prepare you for your best launch yet! You'll have enough pages to plan launches 6 books over 12 months time and 3 series.

Every launch should be better than the last, and this planner will help you build upon past successes, avoid repeating failed tactics, and foster long-term success.

Monthly Writing Focus Planner $16

These one-month coil-bound A5 planners are designed to help writers achieve hyper-focus on their single most important writing-related priority, helping writers to develop hyper-focus for their most important writing objective so they can achieve crucial writing goals and hit the next level.

Order as many as you like for yourself and your friends.

2024 Virtual Writing Retreat Tickets $75 $48

Our 2024 Virtual Spring Writing Retreat will take place April 5-7, 2024. These three days will be full of classes and creative writing sessions to help you give a spring refresh to your writing, rejuvenate your publishing plans, and reinvigorate your marketing efforts.

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The Next Level Planner Bundle

For those that want a little bit of everything! Plus, you'll get 1 year of membership to the Author Transformation Alliance (ATA). 🤩

Value: $909

2024 Price: $497


- 2024 Author's Planner (custom & premium)

- 12-Month Membership in the ATA

- Essential Book Launch Planner

- Quarterly Author Growth Planner
- 3× Monthly Writing Focus Planners

- The Author Planning Bundle (PDF)

- Productive, Prosperous, Peaceful Course

- 1x Ticket for the 2024 Virtual Spring Writing Retreat

Super Planning Bundle

For those that want a little bit of everything and lifetime membership in the Author Transformation Alliance (ATA)! 🤩

Value: $1,829

2024 Price: $797


- 2024 Author's Planner (custom & premium)

- Lifetime Membership in the ATA

- 2× Private Planning Session with Audrey

- 2× Essential Book Launch Planner

- 2× Quarterly Author Growth Planner

- 6× Monthly Writing Focus Planner

- The Author Planning Bundle (PDF)

- Productive Prosperous, Peaceful Course

- 2x Tickets for the 2024 Virtual Spring Writing Retreat

All-In Author Planning Bundle

Everything you need for the foreseeable future, including your Lifetime membership and 1:1 support from Audrey! 🥳

Value: $2,542

2024 Price: $1197


- 2024 Author's Planner (custom & premium)

- Lifetime Membership in the ATA

- 2× Private Planning Session with Audrey

- Monthly 1:1 Planning Support

- 3× Essential Book Launch Planner

- 4× Quarterly Author Growth Planner

- 12× Monthly Writing Focus Planner

- The Author Planning Bundle (PDF)

- Productive, Prosperous, Peaceful Course

- 4x Tickets for the 2024 Virtual Spring Writing Retreat

It's planner time!

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